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The Next Smart Investment Move is Yours

QBIC Demo Day features the most promising startups in Qatar pitching their innovative businesses, which could be your next smart investment move.

Meet directly with the pioneering founders behind these rising startups, discover the latest industry insights.

Network with like-minded angel investors, aspiring entrepreneurs & leading figures from Qatar’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Meet the Startups


On-demand building materials platform. Digitizing suppliers, contractors, and logistics providers!

Funding Raised To Date (USD): 100,000 USD​
Funding Sought (USD): 330,000 USD

Founders: Mulham Kabra​, Abdullah Masoud

BuildHop Website


KOKOLOCO is an online store which sells a wide range of trendy and high-quality fashion products designed by young and talented artists from all around the world. KOKOLOCO is a hub for talented designers to showcase and sell their products.

Funding Raised To Date (USD): 30,000 USD​
Funding Sought (USD): 350,000 USD

Founder: Khalaf Mohammed Al Shahwani



A digital transformation tool that empowers females, SMEs, and social commerce to onboard with ease.

Funding Raised To Date (USD): 165,000 USD​
Funding Sought (USD): 150,000 USD

Founder: Ehab Nagip

Vastry Website

Cleveric Solutions

eDinemenu is a unified platform to help restaurants and hotels avoid the cost of violation while adhering to compliance by 90%. It streamlines orders to increase the customer experience through on-demand ordering.

Funding Raised To Date (USD): 200,000 USD​
Funding Sought (USD): 350,000 USD

Founder: Najmuddeen Keelath Moolayil Puthiyapurayil​

Cleveric Solutions Website


Halalys.com is B2B/B2C marketplace specialized in pets and Farm animals supplies and services.

Funding Raised To Date (USD): 200,000 USD​
Funding Sought (USD): 250,000 USD

Founders: Dr. Ahmed Al-Mohannadi​, Ayman Adhair

Halalys Website


Tashyeed is a mobile platform for managing all aspects of a construction project. You can update schedules and maps, share photos, provide feedback, submit reports, and review tasks using your own mobile application.

Funding Raised To Date (USD): 81,000 USD​
Funding Sought (USD): 100,000 USD

Founders: Ibrahem Nasser E S Al-Nesf, Essa Nasser E S Al-Nesf, Abdulla Nasser E S Al-Nesf

Tashyeed Website


Bayyena is a legal tech company that specializes in providing smart technological solutions for the legal community in the Arab region. It aims to provide comprehensive and valuable legal materials in simple digestible forms.

Funding Raised To Date (USD): 141,000 USD​
Funding Sought (USD): 300,000 USD

Founders: Yousef Shafie​, Adnan Fekri

Bayyena Website

OBI Coach

Reflective micro coaching through a mobile app that focuses on weight management and wellness goals. It supports clients with a user-friendly toolkit. It’s designed for people with busy lives that want to make a lasting lifestyle change.

Funding Raised To Date (USD): 50,000 USD​
Funding Sought (USD): 200,000 USD

Founders: Lulwa Al Baker​, Sean Khalid​, Shefa Ali

OBI Coach Website


On-demand resourcing, end-to-end service marketplace where businesses can engage with experts on an assignment basis to execute projects.

Funding Raised To Date (USD): 52,000 USD​
Funding Sought (USD): 250,000 USD

Founders: Khaled Al Adba, Swapan Saha

Ariva Website


eHaris is an integrated mobile app with a one-stop solution for accessing any check-in points viz. events, fan zones, gated communities and office buildings.​

Funding Raised To Date (USD): 60,000 USD​
Funding Sought (USD): 50,000 USD

Founders: Binod Chandran​, Dijin Kumar​, Fijo George​, Nishi Kurup

eHaris Website

Cybergy Tech

Cybergy Tech is a SaaS solution for the Oil and Gas Industry that digitally transforms the management and operations of the Oil Rig resulting in increased efficiency and decreased costs.

Funding Raised To Date (USD): 30,000 USD​
Funding Sought (USD): 120,000 USD

Founders: Ahmad Abuhamra, Ahmed Rauf, Amjad Rafik, Umair Ahmed

Cybergy Tech Website


TickeTalks is an efficient internal communication tool between various organizers and the public community to help people report incidents in seconds, thanks to a unique reporting IT software system.

Funding Raised To Date (USD): 70,000 USD​
Funding Sought (USD): 125,000 USD

Founders: Ahmed Al-Nowfal Al Tamimi, Omar Ahmad Mojahid Hasnah

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