Embrace Doha

Embrace Doha aims to spread the Qatari culture, traditions and customs to enhance understanding and integration between the society segments.


My Story

Amal Al Shammari, Founder and Owner

The idea behind Embrace was to establish a Culture Consultant Centre. The entrepreneurs behind Embrace were Ibrahim and Amal, and their idea had won recognition already in entrepreneurship competitions locally. But the problems they faced at this early stage were really daunting: no project registration, no location, no money and, as yet, not even a project name!

The pair presented their idea and, on the QBIC program, they then clarified several vital steps in bringing the Embrace project to life: validation and improvement of the project, getting the plan on paper into reality, customer validation and, importantly, ‘no comfort zone’. A QBIC meeting generated the necessary project value and at last Embrace Doha was established on 25 May 2014. The journey of Ibrahim and Amal’s idea into the world has just begun – it’s a small project with a BIG future!