Event Developers

A startup that provides a service for event registration through the use of social media, and also provide innovative solutions to raise brand awareness.


Founders Ahmed Kalifa and Fady Samy, knew the problems they wanted to address, and had a vision of the company they wanted to create – leveraging NFC and wireless to connect social media with the real world and provide needed solutions for before, during and after events, thereby cutting queuing time, capturing valuable attendee information, and increasing brand awareness. But knowing what was needed and wanted was still not enough when they didn’t know how. Now the founders have been joined by an accountant, a part-time assistant, a global event strategist, a creative director, two graphic designers, a technical lead, five software engineers and more than twenty promoters on call for events. Event Developers has developed itself into a growing success in a growing market. Ahmed and Fady’s shared their passion and their event has just begun and there is everything now to look forward to!