Netfix Grab the Market

Netfix is a real-estate mobile application designed to ease the process of finding places to rent or buy filtering options based on the tenant’s desires.


What was needed was to connect real-estate customers with realtors, and the way it could be done was through a unique iOS/Android app, offering answers from a number of realtors in response to specific questions from a customer. Netfix see themselves as the ‘Missing Link’ in real-estate services; the first and truly one of its kind tool enabling anyone in any city in the world to buy, sell, rent or lease out as well as maintain real-estate via their mobile devices.

Since their launch in mid-2015 Netfix has been downloaded more than 6,000 time and secured more than 33 real estate agencies as partners.

Netfix is on their way to change the way real-estate is leased and bought, making it easier and more efficient for the agencies and customers to communicate.

My Journey

“QBIC provided me with all the tools I need to succeed! During our LeanStartup coaching sessions, we signed Letters of Intent with eight of the largest real estate companies in Qatar, a goal we thought was far beyond our reach!”