Oryx Lifestyle Sportswear Manufacturer

The vision behind Sportswear Manufacturer ORYX LS is to become the first sports cloth brand ‘Made in Qatar’ and become a global brand. Regarding amount of upcoming sport events every year including FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar we strongly believe to reach this goal.


My Story

Abdul Rahman Abu Mubarak Al Kuwari, Founder

In designing and manufacturing clothing in Qatar, the Oryxlifestyle team already knew what the problems were: long lead time, lack of local suppliers, non-durable colours and fabrics, and high minimum quantities. They teamed up an expert tailor with a creative designer to get the product right, and then discovered the biggest challenge … finding a production space in Qatar which both had fire department approval and also was the right size!

Luckily, at this point they also discovered QBIC, whose marketing department took them through the necessary steps to understand just what they wanted to address. Together we examined their four key concerns: customer focus, product development, customer validation and developing different business concepts. The Oryxlifestyle team listened, learned and … suddenly, they were ready to move into their own business space too!

Now, they are using the latest German quality materials and the latest textiles technologies to help keep you cool. They’ve organised the delivery of their fabrics and machines, and the transport of printing and sewing machines and equipment, and they’re busy working until late at night to make Oryxlifestyle a success.