S.Ishira Perfumes

One-of-a-kind, Qatar-based perfumes blended from luxurious oils from around the world, introducing new aroma combinations into the mainstream market, and offering custom labels and packaging.

My Story

Shiekha Al-Misand, CEO & Head of Production

The dream – when it was still only a dream – was to create a luxurious natural perfume. S.Ishira worked towards this goal, learning the methods of the famous city of Grasse, the French perfume capital that has schooled so many master perfumists, and putting together the right ideas with the talent and necessary abilities needed to create a wonderful product.

But a wonderful product does not guarantee a successful business. Searching online brought S.Ishira to QBIC, who gave her what she described as the best deal she could have dreamed of: training, opportunities, contacts, and assistance. She spent three months learning with the team. The time flew by until the day she had to present S.Ishira by video to the judges and yes: she did it and won her place! Subsequently, S.Ishira signed with QBIC, and secured the funding to target more customers.

The dream has become real. The plan now is maximum growth. It’s very exciting!

My Journey

“QBIC has offered me a unique experience to realize my ideas, and see my company launch. Through their programs, I was able to learn all about the different stages of starting my perfumery company, managing it, and growing it. So far, it has been a tremendous success and I owe it all to the LeanStartup program.”