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We are proud to introduce one of our flagship programs called the “Lean Startup Program”, which is an 11-week journey that provides real-world, hands-on learning experiences on how to startup a company.


QBIC provided me with all the tools I need to succeed! During our LeanStartup coaching sessions, we signed Letters of Intent with eight of the largest real estate companies in Qatar, a goal we thought was far beyond our reach!

Abdulhameed Al Yousif, RINFO: app connecting real-estate customers to realtors

QBIC has offered me a unique experience to realize my ideas, and see my company launch. Through their programs, I was able to learn all about the different stages of starting my perfumery company, managing it, and growing it. So far, it has been a tremendous success and I owe it all to the Lean Startup program.

Shaikha Al Misnad, S.iShera: unique perfumes made in Qatar

One of the most valuable lessons I learned from QBIC when starting a business is to actively listen to my customers. As a result, I’m generating 10 times more revenues than before.Your Content Goes Here

Mohammed Al Jefairi, Creative Creativity: training and coaching programs for leadership

Program Verticals

QBIC General

A general incubator that aims to help entrepreneurs launch new startups from diverse sectors in Qatar.

Ooredoo Digital & Beyond

A specialized digital incubator that aims to help entrepreneurs launch new technology-focused businesses in Qatar.

QBIC SportsTech

A specialized incubator that aims to help entrepreneurs launch sports-related businesses in Qatar.

Program Description

The Lean Startup Program (LSP)

The Lean Startup Program (LSP), one of QBIC’s flagship programs, is an 11-week entrepreneurial journey that provides real world, hands-on learning experiences on how to start a company. The main objective of the LSP is to work toward achieving Problem solution-fit and a deeper customer feedback on suggestive revenue models and channel fit through a series of experimentations.

Business Model Canvas

Using the Business Model Canvas, entrepreneurs map out their company’s structure and an overview of how their business works. Participants will then use the Customer Development Model to get validation for their proposed business idea. Based on their customers’ feedback, the participants will use Agile Development to create a product/service that meets/satisfies their customers’ needs. Participants will then develop a minimum viable product and, through a series of online and one on one interaction with customers, validate the premise of their value propositions, revenue model, and channel tactics.

Pitch & Present

At the end of the LSP, the participants develop a strong pitch, and present their startup concept, achievements and vision to judges for a chance to be incubated at QBIC.

Program Goals

  • Increase investment readiness of innovative startups at IDEA and MVP stage

  • Develop the next generation of successful entrepreneurs and business managers

Participant / Entrepreneur Deliverables

  • Identify customer segments and targeted needs

  • Develop and validate a business idea

  • Build an MVP (minimum viable product) / prototype that customers NEED

  • Deploy marketing campaigns / targeted meetings with MVP and revenue model for customer validation

  • Develop a suggestive business model

  • Pitch the startup to secure pre-seed investment

Program Structure & Sessions