Digital & Beyond
Empowering Startups from Qatar & Beyond.

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Digital & Beyond is a specialized incubator dedicated to the development & acceleration of promising technology-focused startups & SMEs based in Qatar, and fast-growing tech businesses looking to soft-land in Qatar. Established by Ooredoo in partnership with QBIC, Digital & Beyond aims to empower the next generation of innovative businesses in Qatar, and attract scaling success stories to Qatar, via a holistic range of support & funding solutions.

Land & Grow Your Startup in the MENA Region’s Emerging Innovation Hub

Looking to penetrate the dynamic MENA region? If you’ve been searching for the perfect landing spot for your startup, then you’ve landed on the right incubator. We are on the hunt for promising, fast-growing & innovative tech-focused startups & scale-ups with ambitions to transform the region.

Powered by Ooredoo & delivered by Qatar Business Incubation Center, the Digital & Beyond incubator is the optimum vehicle to take your business to the next level, with proven developmental programs, expert coaches, support services & funding solutions.

Continue below to find out if you could be the next success story landing in Qatar.

Areas of Focus

We’re looking for innovative ideas & businesses within these domains:

Got What it Takes?

Your business will need to meet the following criteria to be considered:

A Rewarding Landing Spot

Your startup will have access to:

  • Dedicated team and full-time staff
  • An innovative tech MVP / product / service that is ready and active in the market
  • Validated customers, revenue and early traction
  • Raised seed round and enough runway to land in Qatar (at least 9 months)
  • Achieved Product-Market-Fit (PMF) or in the process of achieving PMF
  • Readiness to enter the Qatar / GCC / MENA market
  • Total investment value of up to $68k*: $27k in cash and $41k in-kind
  • 1-Year incubation that includes: coaching, training & exposure opportunities, office space and investment showcasing
  • Assistance and support with incorporation in Qatar, legal / regulation advice

* Terms and conditions apply. Investment terms are based on a convertible note. Further details to be discussed upon selection

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