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We are proud to introduce one of our flagship programs called the “Lean Startup Program”, which is an 11-week journey that provides real-world, hands-on learning experiences on how to startup a company.

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Weeks Duration

29 Sep 2024

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Program Description

Lean Startup Program (LSP)

The Lean Startup Program (LSP), one of QBIC’s flagship programs, is an 11-week entrepreneurial journey that provides real world, hands-on learning experiences on how to start a company. The main objective of the LSP is to work toward achieving Problem solution-fit and a deeper customer feedback on suggestive revenue models and channel fit through a series of experimentations.

Assessment Criteria
Are you addressing a significant problem with a global market?
How unique is your solution against existing alternatives?
Do you have grit & motivation to drive change in the market?
Does your team have the skills & industry expertise to explore and execute?
Are you looking to raise investment at the end of the program?

At the end of the program, the participants will prepare and present a pitch to the Selection Committee for a chance to raise

QAR 250,000

Investment and entry into our 1-year incubation program.

You will learn how to:
  • Deploy marketing experiments to validate your business model
  • Identify customer segments and discover their needs
  • Acquire early adopters
  • Increase your investment readiness
  • Pitch your startup for pre-seed investment

Program Structure & Sessions

Week 1

- Business Modelling
- Customer Discovery

Week 2

- Business Model / Customer Segmentation
- Empathy / Discovery Plan

Week 3

- Value Proposition
- Validation Sprint

Week 4

- Prototyping / MVP
- Revenue Model
- Channels

Week 5

- Cost Analysis
- Validation Sprint
- Analytics

Week 6

- Customer Relationships
- Segmentation and Sizing

Week 7

- Mini Selection Day
- Legal for Startups

Week 8

- Financials

Week 9

- Competition
- Funding
- Pitching

Week 10

- Pitch Review
- Due Diligence

Week 11

- Dry-Run
- Selection Day
- Onboarding incubated startups