Support Services

QBIC’s support services are wide-ranging, flexible, and follow your lifecycle as an entrepreneur from start to finish of scaling up, through activation, acceleration, scaling, graduation and beyond.

What can entrepreneurs get out of QBIC?

We offer a complete range of services either to start up from your first idea or to grow an existing company, including space, support, industrial workshops for light manufacture, smart financing , and mentoring and coaching.

Following admission onto a QBIC incubation program, entrepreneurs benefit from:

  • coaching to accelerate the growth and value of a business
  • workshops for technical business learning and knowledge
  • mentoring suited an entrepreneur’s particular business for guidance

Technical and business services to support entrepreneurs in their day-to-day operations

Value Added Services

QBIC also offers value added services in the form of opportunities for help, networking, and support within the local entrepreneurial community:

  • Speaker Series, for incubatees and the general public to inspire potential and current entrepreneurs
  • Seminars on “Entrepreneurship 101” to help people discover what it takes to be an entrepreneur

Mentoring & coaching are available through the various stages of incubation, from activation through acceleration, scaling, graduation and beyond.
سلسلة سماعات QBIC مع خبير البيئة جيسون درو

Keynote by Jason Drew: The Future of Business in a Sustainable World Jason Drew gives a unique insight into the future of business, the environment and the challenges the future holds for us as business leaders. He also shares insight into some of the remarkable and profitable green businesses he has started and invested in. They operate in entirely new multi-billion dollar industries of the future that are only nascent today.