Mobility Incubator Empowering Tech Startups in Qatar

Powered by Q-Auto (Volkswagen)

Mobility Incubator is co-founded through a partnership between Q-Auto (Volkswagen) and QDB (QBIC) with the aim to enable technology-driven startups in the mobility sector to establish and scale their ventures. The incubator serves as a launchpad for early-stage ventures to discover, develop, and validate their ideas into viable business models. Support is provided through funding, incubation, and networking opportunities.

Launch and Scale Your Tech-Driven Startup in the Mobility Sector

If you have an idea, developed a prototype, or launched an MVP related to the future of mobility, we would like to hear from you. Our mobility-focused incubator is actively seeking technology-driven startups looking to revolutionize and redefine the way our cities move.


Powered by a partnership between Q-Auto (Volkswagen) and QDB (QBIC), the Mobility Incubator is the perfect platform for your early-stage startup to gain access to funds, mentorship, programs, and a network to accelerate your validation, go-to-market, and product/market fit journeys.

Areas of Focus

We are looking for early-stage startups within these domains: